About the Artist
  Photo (c) Matt Weintraub
A child prodigy of art, Meirav has been drawing for over 15 years.  Her work has been commissioned in private galleries in Los Angeles, California. Her work is also featured on music album covers and in newspapers citywide and has received numerous awards.

As a bored youngster, Meirav would often doodle in her academic classes, upsetting her teachers who thought she was not paying attention. Her mother had to write permission slips to many of her teachers to allow her to continue to use her artistic mind to concentrate and comprehend class materials. 

Meirav discovered at a very early age that drawing was the passion of her soul. She would spend many hours of her childhood deriving peace and solitude through her drawings.

As Meirav designs her art pieces, she looks beyond the basic photographic images and digs deep to capture the original mood or emotion of the subject. She wants to stir in the viewer some sort of memory, sentiment, sensation, or feeling.
Photo (c) Janet Fishman                                                                         Photo (c) Janet Fishman

                                                                                                                 meirav@artbymeirav.com 1-818-518-8232
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